In April 2024, Reddit added 18 achievements to the mobile app, grouped into 3 categories. Here’s all the details, and how to unlock them all!

What are achievements?

Whilst completing common activities within the Reddit app, you’ll occasionally see a small pop-up in the middle of the screen informing you that a new achievement has been unlocked. Tapping this will take you to the “Achievements” screen, also accessible by tapping your icon in the top right and selecting “Achievements”.

Some of these achievements are unlocked based on past activity (e.g. I unlocked “Nice Comment” on a 6-year-old post), whilst others always need to be earned (e.g. “Search Explorer” for tapping search results). Each has a somewhat arbitrary rarity of “Common”, “Rare”, “Epic”, or “Legendary”.

Most are pretty straightforward, and I unlocked all except the streak awards within a few minutes. The streak awards require up to 50 days of daily activity, so for now they’re still locked for me!

Achievements are greyed out until earned, when a full colour version is unlocked. They also have a progress indicator underneath.

Interestingly, if you view an achievement, you can see the comment / subreddit that earned you the achievement, as well as what number user you were to unlock it. Finally, you can also share an earned achievement (or current streak), giving you an image (with toggleable username & avatar) to post… on Reddit?

Shareable Reddit achievement

Getting Started (7)

These are all very simple achievements that you’ll probably earn in your first time using the Reddit app! Historical actions don’t count, so you’ll need to repeat actions if you’ve completed them in the past (e.g. joining a subreddit).

Achievement Requirement
Search Explorer Reddit achievement
Search Explorer (Common)
Click 10 results (e.g. subreddits) within the Reddit app’s search feature
Feed Explorer Reddit achievement
Feed Explorer (Common)
Change feed type (Home / Popular / Watch / Latest) on the home tab of the Reddit app
New Community Reddit achievement
New Community (Common)
Join any subreddit using the Reddit app
Welcome Home Reddit achievement
Welcome Home (Rare)
Join 5 subreddits via the Reddit app
Real You Reddit achievement
Real You (Rare)
Set a banner image and description on your profile in the Reddit app
Secured Account Reddit achievement
Secured Account
Verify an email or phone number on your Reddit account
Joined Reddit Reddit achievement
Joined Reddit
Have a Reddit account, the easiest achievement!

Exploration (5)

These achievements are a little more challenging, with creating a 10 upvote post or comment being more challenging depending on which subreddits you joined. Past posts and comments are included in this, so you might rediscover a popular post you made years ago!

Achievement Requirement
Local Explorer Reddit achievement
Local Explorer (Common)
Have joined a country specific subreddit (e.g. r/UnitedKingdom)
Nice Comment Reddit achievement
Nice Comment (Common)
Receive 10 upvotes on one of your comments
New Share Reddit achievement
New Share (Common)
Share a post outside of Reddit using the app’s “Share” button
Nice Post Reddit achievement
Nice Post (Rare)
Receive 10 upvotes on one of your posts
Conversation Starter Reddit achievement
Conversation Starter (Epic)
Leave the first comment on 5 posts using the Reddit app

Reddit Streak (6)

The streak achievements are simple loyalty rewards, requiring some sort of active action every day for weeks on end. These is the only achievement category to have a progress indicator at the top, in addition to the usual per-achievement progress:

Reddit streak achievement tracking

Streak achievement images credit: u/RcGJogaMine

Achievement Requirement
5 day streak Reddit achievement
5-day streak (Common)
Use the Reddit app (upvote / post / comment / share) for 5 days in a row
10 day streak Reddit achievement
10-day streak (Rare)
Use the Reddit app (upvote / post / comment / share) for 10 days in a row
20 day streak Reddit achievement
20-day streak (Rare)
Use the Reddit app (upvote / post / comment / share) for 20 days in a row
30 day streak Reddit achievement
30-day streak (Epic)
Use the Reddit app (upvote / post / comment / share) for 30 days in a row
40 day streak Reddit achievement
40-day streak (Epic)
Use the Reddit app (upvote / post / comment / share) for 40 days in a row
50 day streak Reddit achievement
50-day streak (Legendary)
Use the Reddit app (upvote / post / comment / share) for 50 days in a row