Starting in 2022, I’ve started creating web-based miniprojects and writing about them.

Having a list of them in one place will avoid them getting forgotten about or buried in an old blog post!


Date Miniproject Article
2022-02-17 Settlers III manual Announcing an online version of the Settlers 3 game manual
2022-03-13 Google Play purchase history analyser Analysing my Google Play purchase history (and how you can too!)
2023-08-07 Jerma fansite listing Introducing “The Jerma List™️”, a list of 70+ Jerma-related YouTube channels 📺
2023-08-29 Yogscast channel listing Introducing “The Yogscast List™️”, a list of 100+ Yogscast-y YouTube channels 📺
2023-09-15 Forza update tracker Introducing “Forza Update”, a minisite automatically tracking the next Forza Horizon 5 season & series
2023-10-08 OSRS Ironmen playlists tracker N/A

Google Sheets

Date Miniproject Article
2022-02-28 YouTube analysis Analysing my YouTube subscriptions & views over the last 4 years (and how you can too!)
2022-03-01 Goodreads analysis Analysing my Goodreads book history since 2014 (and how you can too!)
2022-03-14 Amazon analysis Analysing 12 years of Amazon purchases (and how you can too!)
2022-03-20 Kindle analysis Analysing 5 years of Amazon Kindle reading (and how you can too!)
2022-11-01 Twitch analysis How do you use Twitch? A guide to analysing your emotes, subscriptions, chat messages, and viewing history!
2023-05-16 Splitting household income Using an income ratio spreadsheet & Splitwise to split household expenses fairly and transparently as a couple
2023-06-06 Netflix analysis Analysing your Netflix viewing history: How much have you watched, when, and how?
2023-07-15 House affordability calculator What house can you afford? A calculator to simplify all house buying & selling calculations in the UK 🏡