Hi, I'm Jake Lee

I'm the Principal Android Engineer at Photobox. I was previously lead at Metro Bank & ITV Hub, and co-founded Creators.Direct. I'm based in Woking, England.

I'm also an MBA (Technology Management) candidate.

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Notable Projects

Projects listed below do not include any work done for clients / as part of employment.

Development blog



My programming blog is a Wordpress based blog with regular articles on Android development, and other related topics.

Techniques are explained fully, and usually contain an example repository or Gists.

Posts are often featured in Android Weekly, and tend to be based on solutions I've developed at work or on personal projects.


Pixel Blacksmith

Pixel Blacksmith


Pixel Blacksmith is a free Android crafting game. It has been downloaded over 200,000 times, and has an average rating of 4.0.

It was my first Android app, so has evolved significantly over time as my skills have improved, and in response to player feedback. The most recent iteration has a massive array of features, including 230+ items, 50+ traders, 50+ visitors, 20+ settings, and 25+ upgrades.

Whilst working on the game, I've been the developer, designer, promoter, customer support, and any other role that has been required!

Google Play Gameplay

Pixel Bookshop

Pixel Bookshop


Pixel Bookshop is a pseudo-sequel to Pixel Blacksmith currently in development, and utilises the latest Android tech.

Whilst development is very early on, it already uses MVVM, Room, Coroutines, LiveData, and of course Kotlin.

Progress gallery Trello board

Tactical Fortress


Android / iOS / Web
Java / Swift / PHP / CSS / JS

Creators.Direct provided an easy way for content creators to have apps on iTunes & Google Play, with far lower costs, delays, and configuration than other solutions.

It also supported custom payments, multi-channel networks, and was fully integrated with 17+ websites.

I personally developed both the iOS and Android apps, the sales site, the Creator Portal, and all back-end processes, before shutting it down in late 2018.


Blacksmith Slots

Blacksmith Slots


Blacksmith Slots is a crafting / slots hybrid game, a spin-off from Pixel Blacksmith. It has been launched relatively recently, so more detailed statistics will be available after it has been on the market a few months.

It features hundreds of characters, slot machines, and items, and a quest to save the world!

Google Play Trailer

Daily APOD Wallpaper

Daily APOD Wallpaper


Daily APOD wallpaper is an open source app that automatically sets your wallpaper & lockscreen image to NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

With lots of customisation in image filtering and notification time / appearance, it aims to provide a little daily dose of space knowledge.

Google Play GitHub repo

Connect Quest

Connect Quest


With over 10k installs, the Android game Connect Quest was a moderate success. It features a level generator, and a few rather complex algorithms for detecting puzzle completion.

Additionally, puzzles can be shared between users & imported via QR codes.

It unfortunately ran into legal issues shortly after release, due to the word "Flow" in the original game name, leading to a rebrand.

Google Play Gameplay

Community Management



Moderating subreddits requires interacting with hundreds of thousands of users, working with companies for events, cooperating with other mods, and utilising various automated solutions to optimise moderation efforts.

Additionally, I organise regular community events such as app recommendations, giveaways, and developer AMAs (with Google, Gradle, Reddit, Pandora, etc) to improve communities.

Notable subreddits moderated:



Moderating Discord servers requires working closely with the other moderators in real time, managing roles and access permissions, as well as creating and maintaining cross-server partnerships.

Notable servers moderated:


Whilst I'm entirely an Android developer these days, I used to be a full stack developer with a focus on databases, also working on iOS, microservices, and websites.



I have a strong interest in order and structure, and for a long time databases perfectly fit that requirement. My MCSE, MCSA, and MTA were gained in my spare time due to my passion for databases, and I have extensive experience with most database flavours.



A full list can be viewed on YourAcclaim and Accredible.

April 2018

Associate Android Developer

June 2017

MCSE: Data Management and Analytics - Certified 2017

July 2016

MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014

May 2015

MTA: Database Fundamentals

July 2014

BSc Computer Science
(University of Bedfordshire)

Dissertation title: "An analysis and implementation of common encryption and decryption techniques".


Whilst I am currently employed full time, I'm often interested in collaborating on other small projects. Contact me on [email protected] or use the social links at the top of the page.